You wouldn't be able to tell by the photos, but it was raining the day they were taken. So I wasn't planning on taking any photos, but since we were in the forest...why not! It is a nice change from taking photos indoors, don't you think? I've never worn these clothes all together as an outfit; I didn't have much time to decide what I was going to wear before I rushed out the door. In the end, I am happy with the result of the unintended, rainforest photo shoot. 



Tie Dye, dip dye, and ripped jeans-- OH MY!

Tie dye, dip dye, and ripped clothing is a big trend for this coming spring and summer.  They're care free, fun, and just look pretty darn cool. Although super cool I wouldn't recommend sporting all three at once, because lets just face it, thats just too much cool all in one place. Now because all three of these "embellishments" are so much more fun when personalized we have decided to undergo a DIY for each of these.   Photos to come soon with how to + styling for each!

DIY dip dye now posted! http://socialcollectivegroup.blogspot.ca/2012/04/those-blue-jeans.html
How to rip your jeans on purpose now posted! http://socialcollectivegroup.blogspot.ca/2012/05/how-to-rip-your-jeans-on-purpose.html


The window

My cat loves to stare out the window to the see what the world is up to. He is very curious, especially when it comes to birds and the weather. The weather was all over the place with sunshine, rain , AND snow. Neither one staying for more than 10 minutes. 
Most of my look is thrifted and vintage. This was the first day I wore this printed floral chiffon skirt that I've had for a couple of months, and is now my new favourite piece (for the time being). My shoes are from aldo and are on sale at the moment. They go with almost everything!




Let's add a scarf......

This particular combination is sometimes referred as a 'Canadian Tuxedo',  'Denim Sandwich' or sometimes even a 'Fashion Faux-Pas'. Nonetheless, I decided to sport my own version of our national tux by pairing dark denim pants with a lighter denim jacket. Although the jacket looks more like a vest; the sleeves and hood are made of a sweater material. I thought this outfit would go perfectly with my new boots.
I've been waiting for what seemed like forever for this particular pair. I ordered them online and was constantly checking my order, trying to guess  when they would finally arrive. I bought these pair from (where else but..) Aldo! And I love them. The only thing I have against these boots is that they don't have much grip. So the day I decided to take them out to break them in I ALMOST DIED! It was raining on my way home from school...and that was the day i found out that my new boots and wet pavement do not go well together.


Im ready for St. Patricks Day! How 'bout you?

Its that time of year again. An excuse to wear crazy head to toe shamrock green outfits and get totally obliterated with green beer. Unlike last year, I have planned my attire a couple days before. I've decided the combo of green and gold will be very festive and fun! Happy leprechaun hunting!


Fastest shirt in the world!

Spring is near! I can just taste it (even though it kinda snowed today...). Now I typically don't wear very many tank tops but I really loved the colour and the cheetah screen print on this one ( I love cheetah anything!). I couldn't decide what one casual look to pair with it so I created 3 casual looks I would wear throughout spring and into summer.
The items that are in all three looks is a necklace my cute nieces got me for christmas, gold watch, black wedges, and of course my cheetah tank top!

Casual day out:

Colour block:





I've been wanting to make a post using my new sparkly-gold loafers and decided to do it on this lovely, sunny Thursday! Although, I didn't want to spend too much time indoors, I decided to make a compromise and  open the curtains to get some sunshine in the room. Later on this day, I bought a new hat and decided to try it out with my outfit.....hence the different lighting you'll see throughout all the photos. 
I LOVE these shoes. I bought them randomly at aldo one day after work. I was looking for some black flats but they didn't have any in my size. I saw these on the shelf, and decided to try them out. Now, I  use them almost every day. 


Shiny in Pink

I found this skirt at Forever 21 and couldn't not buy it! Sparkly AND pink. Paired with a vintage hot pink blazer and a sheer black top for some drama.
Great outfit for a night out with the girls to have some fun. I feel like I am the disco ball 


90's CHILD

These high-waisted DKNY jeans are part of my most recent purchases. This last weekend I set out to do some thrift shopping, specifically looking for some high-waisted jeans. And voila! I found these in the first store (make that the first rack!) i went to. Obviously, very excited to have these as part of my wardrobe. I decided to post a couple photos of me doing my best rendition of a Calvin Klein ad from the 90's. Clean and simple, yet it still made me feel as if I should be a part of the cast of Beverly Hills 90210. Honestly, all this outfit needs is a crop top to make me into Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell.
Well.... Putting my childhood memories behind me for a moment.... Maybe when the sun comes out I'll feel inspired to make these into a pair of shorts! Maybe even a DIY coming soon....