Let's add a scarf......

This particular combination is sometimes referred as a 'Canadian Tuxedo',  'Denim Sandwich' or sometimes even a 'Fashion Faux-Pas'. Nonetheless, I decided to sport my own version of our national tux by pairing dark denim pants with a lighter denim jacket. Although the jacket looks more like a vest; the sleeves and hood are made of a sweater material. I thought this outfit would go perfectly with my new boots.
I've been waiting for what seemed like forever for this particular pair. I ordered them online and was constantly checking my order, trying to guess  when they would finally arrive. I bought these pair from (where else but..) Aldo! And I love them. The only thing I have against these boots is that they don't have much grip. So the day I decided to take them out to break them in I ALMOST DIED! It was raining on my way home from school...and that was the day i found out that my new boots and wet pavement do not go well together.

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