90's CHILD

These high-waisted DKNY jeans are part of my most recent purchases. This last weekend I set out to do some thrift shopping, specifically looking for some high-waisted jeans. And voila! I found these in the first store (make that the first rack!) i went to. Obviously, very excited to have these as part of my wardrobe. I decided to post a couple photos of me doing my best rendition of a Calvin Klein ad from the 90's. Clean and simple, yet it still made me feel as if I should be a part of the cast of Beverly Hills 90210. Honestly, all this outfit needs is a crop top to make me into Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell.
Well.... Putting my childhood memories behind me for a moment.... Maybe when the sun comes out I'll feel inspired to make these into a pair of shorts! Maybe even a DIY coming soon....

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